The Mewar Mystique

Indian food has been a mysterious intrigue, with its mind boggling and bewildering array of sensory provocations in a myriad bouquet of colours, tastes, flavours, fragrances, evoking one’s senses or numbing them, pleasantly surprising or awe inspiring with a mind boggling variety of spices, herbs and ingredients going into every single dish to present a veritable gastronomic delight to the palate!

‘Mewar’ a region of the subcontinent known for its robust terrain, tales of valour of its inhabitants and of course with its legendary gastronomic range rightly contributed by both its royalty and hoi polloi, its adaptation of influences brought in by frequent campaigns, is truly a “Gourmet’s” vision of what lies ahead in a gastronomic paradise.

Mewar Restaurant is a place to visit and see the making of this intrigue simply unravel before your sensual awareness.

(973) 1750 2000
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(973) 1750 2000 / (973) 3681 9000

Chingri Malai Curry