The Mewar Mystique

Indian food has been a mysterious intrigue, with its mind boggling and bewildering array of sensory provocations in a myriad bouquet of colours, tastes, flavours, fragrances, evoking one’s senses or numbing them, pleasantly surprising or awe inspiring with a mind boggling variety of spices, herbs and ingredients going into every single dish to present a veritable gastronomic delight to the palate!

‘Mewar’ a region of the subcontinent known for its robust terrain, tales of valour of its inhabitants and of course with its legendary gastronomic range rightly contributed by both its royalty and hoi polloi, its adaptation of influences brought in by frequent campaigns, is truly a “Gourmet’s” vision of what lies ahead in a gastronomic paradise.

Mewar Restaurant is a place to visit and see the making of this intrigue simply unravel before your sensual awareness.

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About Us

Mewar Restaurant

Named after one of India’s historic Kingdoms, Mewar Restaurant guarantees a variety of spices, herbs and ingredients that are infused into every single dish. Our robust offering that complements traditional masterpieces with modern touches will usher guests into a new and royal Indian cuisine experience.

Welcoming a full house of 114 guests, Mewar Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. As the name of the Restaurant goes, the menu will feature a dedicated section of the royal “Rajwada” dishes from the “Rajputana” region, along with well known food that has derived its connotations from around the region with the various influences acquired with association with its princely exchanges among the royal that ruled the area.

From their entry at the royal eatery the patrons will be always having something on their plate exciting their senses for more to come.

Along with the food offered, the mood will be subtly but definitely enhanced with discerning elegant and understated ambience. The selected contemporary tableware – with exclusively designed crockery pattern, elegant cutlery, glassware – seating & furnishing will definitely be a source for the patrons to not only return to renew their experiences but also to recommend and plan both social and business exchanges in the relaxed and inviting ambience at Mewar Restaurant.

The Enhanced Mewar Experience

Special Features and Benefits for the Mewar patrons are aimed at enhancing their experience of the Mewar Magic besides a fine dining in-house sojourn

Periodically Featured Dishes
Daily Specials
Chef’s Creations – with a sensitivity to local tastes and personalization
Takeaway / Delivery Offer
Offsite Catering
Packed Food Combos with regular deliveries
Promotions & Food Fests
Loyalty Cards with Membership Benefits, Discounts, Rewards, Awards, Redemption of Patronage Points, Gift Vouchers, Value Storage on Cards, Bonus etc

The Mewar Magicians


Shaik Saibjaan

Shaik Saibjaan is the Sous Chef at Mewar Restaurant and is the Chef-magician! He has a work experience of over ten years across reputed hotels & famous restaurants in India and has won multiple awards & certificates for his culinary skills.

Chef Rajeev
Consultant Chef

Rajeev Chowdhary

Rajeev has over 38 years of experience as an Executive Chef / Corporate Chef. After graduating from the Premier Hotel Management institute at Pusa, New Delhi, he trained with the illustrious Oberoi Group and rose to be at the helm of the kitchens for many of its premier properties. Rajeev empowers the Mewar Magicians with his immense experience.

Executive Asst. Manager

Bharathi Perumal

The Magicians' Team

The Mewar culinary staff works heartily, zealously and tirelessly to support the Mewar Magicians. The team, duly vetted by Elite Hospitality, focuses on giving and maintaining the Mewar cuisine character to the Restaurant. The culinary team is complemented with knowledgeable & professional Indian Food service Personnel providing efficient and informed service to the guests.


Mewar Restaurant has been launched with support from Elite Hospitality, which has in itself a rich experience of running successful food and beverage operations. Delving on this expertise available, Mewar has all operational aspects in place for a rich and memorable customer experience. From liaising with restaurant building, its layouts, equipment setup, acquiring required hard & soft furnishings to the compilations and organizing operational BOQs, from the required business accounting needs to POS & Loyalty Program Management Systems, the wherewithal is firmly in place at the Mewar.